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Sharing the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ

I had often listened to members share their stories of how they had given a book of Mormon to a friend or acquaintance and how it strengthened them. I used to find it difficult to muster up the courage to do it. I remember often including in my morning prayer that our Heavenly Father would send someone my way, someone who was prepared to receive it. However, when I would meet such a person I wouldn’t have a book with me, or I would think they are not ready or ‘maybe next time’ and so lose the opportunity. Then I would feel disappointed in my efforts to witness of Christ.

The change came for me when our new Stake President told the congregation how he had received a revelation for the Stake about sharing The Book of Mormon. We were asked to write our testimony inside, wrap it in gold paper and prayerfully decide who should receive the book. On that day, I took home five Books of Mormon and began to write my testimony in each of them.

My wife Brenda purchased some gold wrapping paper and our children helped us to wrap them. I remember asking Heavenly Father to send someone my way, then receiving the comforting feeling of our Heavenly Father saying, "Who do you know that you have not already given a book to?" In my mind I could think of many.

My challenge was not in finding but in having the courage to act. I decided that in order to place a book of Mormon, I would have to have the book with me so I put one in a small paper bag, put it under my arm and headed off about my business, always looking to see who I could find. We had someone sick in the home that day and as the Doctor was leaving I asked him if I had ever given him a Book of Mormon. He said, "No, what is it?" I explained a little and asked if he would be interested; he said he would and promised that he would read it. Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

In the days and weeks to follow I repeated the process over and over, always explaining what it was, asking if they were interested, watching their reaction and answering their questions as best I could. On another occasion I was at a cattle mart (auction) hoping to sell some cattle. I met a friend there; we spoke about the price of cattle, the weather, the economy and anything but the gospel.

All the time it was in my mind to give him a book but it was in the tractor parked outside and I also excused myself by thinking it was too noisy and not a suitable place. He turned and said he was going home; he left and my chance was gone. However, sometime later I went out to the tractor to get a drink and found him standing nearby. He saw me and came over to me, looking like he expected to get something from me.

He has known for years that we are church members but I had never given him a Book of Mormon. I explained to him what it was and asked if he was interested; he said he was, thanked me for the book, promised to read it and went home. So far, I have experienced only positive responses but that's not all.

As I shared copies of the Book of Mormon, my testimony of the Saviour grew stronger and stronger and I could find and understand more and more gospel truths in the Book of Mormon. I could feel of our Heavenly Fathers love for me and gained a better understanding of the power of the Atonement and the Saviour’s desire for each of us to come onto Him and He would give us the experiences we need to prepare us for eternal life. I am so grateful for the blessings of the gospel in my life and in the life of my wonderful wife Brenda, our nine children and eight grandchildren. I know the Book of Mormon is true and hope that, even in some small way, we can help others share in the blessings we have received. Ray Fagan

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