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Genealogy Enthusiasts Gather in Dublin, Ireland for a Community Event, “Why Family History”.

The Community members focus was to help all with family history research, delving into the how-tos of records, photos, stories and keepsakes.

On Saturday, 3rd February 2024, more than 125 members and friends gathered for the family history event hosted by the Dublin Ireland Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The event, titled, “Why Family History?” aimed to bring together members and friends of the faith community to explore a shared interest: family history. The day’s objective was twofold: to assist everyone with their family history research; and to break down barriers by welcoming all into our church building.

The event featured several inspiring speakers:

Fiona Fitzsimons, representing the Irish Family History Centre, emphasised a simple yet powerful message: everyone has a story worth preserving. She encouraged attendees to start by chatting with family members and exploring records, photos, and keepsakes.

Fiona Tipple from the National Genealogical Society of Ireland, highlighted how technology has made family history research more accessible than ever before, with a nod to the wonders of the internet.

Lucy Reynoldson from FamilySearch, emphasised the personal benefits of delving into family history. She pointed out core values such as identity, connection, and resilience, urging attendees to explore their family’s past.

Denise O’Farrell, a local member, concluded the event with a touching reminder: every ancestor’s story matters. She shared practical tips for gathering information and even touched on the power of prayer in the quest for family history.

Following the presentations, a Q&A session provided practical answers to attendees’ questions. Additionally, family history consultants were available for one-on-one assistance.

This event was a wonderful opportunity for individuals to connect, learn, and discover the magic of their own family histories.

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